Stream Calculator

Use this bandwidth calculator to estimate your monthly transfer and storage needs (Please Enable Flash):

As an example; a 2 minute video encoded at 350kbps (kilobits per second) will have a “File Size” of approximagtely 6.9MB (megabytes). This means that file will transfer 6.9MB of information over the internet when viewed. To estimate your monthly transfer, simply calculate the number of times you expect each video to be viewed over a month’s time. So, if we continue our example; let’s say you expect this video to be viewed 10 times a day. 30 days x 10 views a day = 300 views. 300 x 6.9 = 2,070MB or about 2.1GB (gigabytes). Now, to help estimate your storage needs, add together the “File Size” for each of your videos. While your storage requirements will probably be pretty easy to pinpoint, your transfer will typically fluctuate from month to month. Your streaming representative will work with you to get you into the right package for your level of need, help you avoid problems, and will work with you as your streaming needs grow. Data size calculator: Data size converter: