MOV vs. MP4

Comparison between MOV and MP4

File Extension MOV MP4
File Type Apple QuickTime Movie MPEG-4 Video File
Description Compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms; contains multiple tracks that store various types of media data; commonly uses the MPEG-4 codec for compression Uses MPEG-4 compression, commonly used for sharing videos on the internet; use separate compression for audio and video tracks; supported by most programs and devices
Developed by Apple International Standard
Pros providing better quality files, ability to enhance sound, picture quality and picture resolution compatibility with multiple media players; providing better compression sizes; being supported by most operating systems
Cons As MOV was designed specifically for Quick Time environment, it can suffer problems outside of that environment. A slight loss in file quality; require you to wait for pre-buffering before viewing content, increasing the amount of time it takes to view the video as a whole
Help You Choose For an Apple Mac user, MOV is a perfectly safe choice; you might run into problems with MOV format outside of Quick Time MP4 has more support, run smoothly on most operating systems; commonly used for sharing video files on the Interne;
Programs that open MOV/MP4 files